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You can expect our full attention to your pet’s needs!

If this is the first time you are meeting us, you will find that while we offer the same great quality care and services as other veterinary hospitals in the area, we also provide a different (and we think better) atmosphere for you and your pet! We firmly believe that your pet’s mental wellbeing is as important as his/her physical wellbeing and we strive to take the stress out of veterinary visits for both you and your pet.

Upon arrival, we will have you fill out a new client form. We know that the waiting room can be a little over stimulating for your pet (which can lead to anxiety for both of you), so we make it our goal to get you into an exam room as soon as one is available. The quieter setting combined with soothing classical music can make for a much more relaxed and pleasant visit.

The nurse will come in shortly after to take your pet’s medical history which includes prior vaccinations, previous diagnoses and current medications. He or she will also record any current medical concerns you may have and will then relay all of this information to the doctor.

After the doctor has reviewed your fur baby’s chart, they will come in to perform a thorough head to tail examination and then discuss with you an appropriate diagnostic and/or treatment plan for your pet’s continued good health. Don’t be surprised if the doctor gets right down on the floor with your dog or examines your cat on the counter instead of the exam table! We’ve been known to examine a cat or two in the sink. Wherever works for them works for us!

After your appointment, you will head back to reception to check out and receive any prescriptions and preventative medications needed. Please let us know if you would prefer to check out in the exam room as this is sometimes easier with pets (and kids!) in tow.

We are confident that you and your pet will be pleased with the positive and unique experience you’ve had with us and will look forward to your next visit!